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A UniQue Lifee is a virtual private practice that strives to provide affordable mental health care to those who are currently living with the perils of personal and social injustices.  A Unique Lifee promotes self care, awareness, liberty, and the importance of positive life choices. It is our belief that everyone is made unique. Therefore, our therapeutic services meet the distinct needs of each individual that we partner with.


A UniQue Lifee will make sure your unique self is fully realized!



Advocacy is the act of influencing change through many systems such as economical systems, political systems, social systems, and a host of other systems. It is through the undertaking of  community organizing, public speaking, media engagements, researching and fact finding, and actively working to promote change.  A UniQue Lifee was founded with the intent of positive change occurring now and for many generations to come.


A UniQue Lifee will actively work to be the change you want to see.



A consultant is usually hired to ensure that a business is operating at its full potential. We collect data, analyze data, and problem solve. At A Unique Lifee, we pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone and everything we partner with is operating at it's full potential. 


A UniQue Lifee is the best remedy for a happy and healthy company!